I have really enjoyed working with Anne Hélène. Beside her high qualities in HR, she is really talented in coaching people. She was very quick in detecting the goods and the bads in each individual and helping him/her in moving to the next step. During her tenure at LANDESK, she has been instrumental in maintaining a high company culture and team spirit. I would definitely hire Anne Hélène again.

Frédéric Pierresteguy VP Sales EMEA

Anne-Helene is an experienced professional HR Business partner who is supportive with her colleagues at any time. Highly motivated and organized, you can actually rely on her to unlock tricky situations.
It has been a pleasure working and interacting with her on a personal level.

Philipe Jouve Territory Sales Manager

It was a real challenge for me, to work with French team, being myself based in Poland, only taking a lot of business trips to Paris, to cooperate onsite with the team. Anne-Hélène was the person that helped me understand, how to communicate with the team and how to cooperate with them in an effective way. And this is how a great HR partner should be: always there, where human resources are in need of alignment.
Anne-Hélène was always ready to listen and give the feedback that would help on a personal level, but also would be of a great value for business. She was always ready to help in sometimes difficult HR situations in an effective manner. What's the most imporant for a global company, Anne-Hélène was able to navigate through difficult rules of labor laws in France, in the UK, in the US, in Poland, in Switzerland applying for both EU and non-EU citizens. And at the end of the day it was always a pleasure to see her big smile and to have a friendly chat. I would highly recommend Anne-Hélène as a HR partner to any business in need of a professional and really human approach.

Anna Gabrys - Program Manager for CISCO at GP Strategies Ltd

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Missions réalisées

  • Audit RH et mise en place d’un plan d’action RH correctif (2 jours par semaine – 2 mois)
  • Rédaction du règlement intérieur et contrôle des affichages obligatoires (5 jours)
  • Formation des managers à l’entretien annuel obligatoire (4 jours)
  • Rédaction des descriptions de fonctions en vue du recrutement d’une population commerciale (2 jours)
  • Accompagnement de managers dans la gestion de ruptures conventionnelles (entretiens, delais…)